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Stephen & Danielle Engaged – Virginia Photographer

Danielle and Stephen are ENGAGED!!!!! This sweet couple met by chance…in the summer…at a park. I just started the best new Nicholas Sparks book story line :) They are truly a genuine pleasure to be around! I had a blast learning about their love for each other, which included an awesome out-of-the-blue invitation to Stephen’s VMI dance that kicked off their initial fling, while we strolled Colonial Williamsburg (the place that Stephen proposed to Danielle). Enjoy a few of my favorite images and getting to know Danielle and Stephen :) PS – they didn’t see each other’s answers to the infamous line of random questions I give to my e-session couples…they’re pretty stinkin’ awesome!

 How did you all meet?

We met while I was working at Smith Mountain Lake State Park.  I worked down at the beach area and he was a counselor for the Youth Conservation Corp.  He just “happened” to get assigned to that park that summer.  We started flirting and texting and then he asked me to VMI’s Ring Figure dance and the rest is history pretty much.  From the first time we actually hung out after that summer (early Sept.) it was like we had been dating forever.

 What is one thing you admire most about each other?

Danielle: The thing I love the most about Stephen is hands down his instinctual need to take care of me.  From the first day we hung out he has always ALWAYS been my number one supporter and has made sure I had whatever I needed physically, mentally, and emotionally.  The saying “what’s mine is yours” is something he has always made sure I have understand and has tried so hard to help me believe.  To be honest, it is hard for me to put this into words (especially because it is honestly making me tear up thinking about).  He just is there, to take care of me, to support me, to love me unconditionally, through tough times and good times. He embodies everything a good man should be and he makes me a better person.

Stephen: IF I had to pick ONE thing that I admire most about Danielle…besides her great sense of humor, I think the one thing that I admire most is her passion/drive. I know that if anything happened or I needed her for ANYTHING at all, she would be there by my side and she would be able to do whatever it takes to get us through it. She has her own way of adapting and overcoming obstacles and I think thats what I admire most about her.

If Danielle/Stephen was an amusement park attraction which one would s/he be and why?
Danielle: If Steve was an amusement park ride he would probably be a Ferris Wheel. No matter if we are at our highs or our lows it is still a good time and he always mangaes to help me see above and beyond whenever I am struggling with something.
Stephen: Probably escape from pompei at Busch Gardens. Danielle can be a fireball, she can get worked up sometimes over things that dont warrant it. She also worries way too much, but at the end of the day we make it down the slope and cool off with a splash. 

 Based on your similarities, if you had not met each other that summer, where is the next most likely place you all would have met?

Danielle: Based on our similarities, if I hadn’t met Stephen that summer, the next likely place we would have met is probably at a Mexican restaruant somewhere.  We both Mexican food so much we were bound to end up in the same one sometime!!!

Stephen: Our biggest similarity would have to be our love for mexican food! If i hadnt met danielle that summer, I’d like to think that we met one day at a mexican resturant! Both eating our favorite dishes and I probrably would have bought her a magarita. Also it probrably would have happened on Cinco De Mayo, because we always go to mexican on Cinco De Mayo.

 What famous couple today/history best describes your love for each other?

Danielle: The famous couple today/history that best describes our love for each other would be Johnny and June Cash, because despite all the crap that life put their way, they still pushed through.  Not to mention that he died 4 months after her of a “broken heart” and I hope that is how we go (like 60 years down the road that is!)

Stephen: If I had to pick one couple that closesly represents Danielle and I, it would have to be Ronald and Nancy Regan. Those two exemplified many qualities as a couple that Danielle and I have. They dated for three years untile Ronnie prospose (like Danielle and I). One press secretary at the white house describe them as ”They never took each other for granted. They never stopped courting” I feel like this quote could apply to Danielle and I 100% I’m still waiting for us to leave  the “Honey Moon” stage of our relationship. Also this is what Nancy said about Ron after the assasination attempt on his life in 1981, Nancy Reagan wrote in her diary, “Nothing can happen to my Ronnie. My life would be over.” In a letter to Nancy, Ronald wrote, “whatever I treasure and enjoy … all would be without meaning if I didn’t have you.” This is the same thing Danielle communicates to me every moning when I kiss her goodbye on my way out the door! “Drive safe because I don’t know what I would do!” The affection and support that Nancy and Ronald had for eachother exemplifies the commitement and affection that Danielle and I have for each other.

What is one thing you are really excited about on your wedding day?

Danielle: The one thing I am really really excited about for our wedding is saying our vows.  For those few minutes it is a testement before God and before all our friends and family how much we love each other.  I can’t wait to tell him for the last time how I excited I am to be his wife and know that shortly after, I will be forever!

Stephen:  Probably the one thing that I am most excited about for our wedding day is just finally making Danielle my wife. I know it sounds cheesey but we’ve been dating for a while, we graduated undergrad together and we’ve just shared so many first expierences in life. It just feels right and even though we arent technically married….it kinda feels like we already are….or should be.

Congratulations to you both!!!!!!
barbara mchugh - June 11, 2012 - 6:13 pm

These are beautiful…Danielle and Steve are just so photogenic and adorable! I love the pictures, the poses and the back drop!

Danielle - June 11, 2012 - 11:58 am

CALLIEEE!!!! We love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so so so much you are so very talented!!!!!

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