June 26, 2017

I’m Back!


We’re back online and I am so excited to be blogging again, mainly for my clients to be able to see their beautiful images displayed all together here, but also for my personal use. My sob story goes – had a blog for 5 years and lost EVERYTHING after a giant mix up with GoDaddy. Although I lost some really beloved posts, I see starting over as a blessing in disguise. And, I gotta tell you, my first post when I opened up business for Callie Hardman Photography was full of hopes, dreams, and goals. Some of those goals I’ve seen accomplished, others are always a work in progress, but to know the DREAM is still alive is pretty awesome.

With this new space I am vowing to blog more. You’ll see transparency about my handsome husband Matt, my two cutie babies Casey and Ryan; and all of the beautiful chaos, ahem, I mean adventure that is our life! I hope to share knowledge that I’ve learned over the years in business with other photographers and readers, and most importantly you’ll get a snap shot of the sessions I have with my CHP client family. Thanks for stopping by, and here’s to another 5 years, and hopefully no lost blog files!


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